About the Finxerunt Policy Institute

Finxerunt Policy Institute is a growing international non profit organization founded on July 10th, 2017 on the basis of building a sustainable future, due to the several conceptual issues in current global systems in economics, education, healthcare, and equity among all people.

At the Finxerunt Policy Institute, we are a network of global chapters for various policy changes around the world based on socioeconomic empirical data. In 2017, we realized that the lack of approaches to issues and conflicts experienced internationally through scholarship and social-economic models could not continue, and there had to be change. Involvement and understanding socioeconomics is vital, and thus the institution of which is now Finxerunt Policy Institute was founded. Our success is contingent upon cultivating the unique triumphs of individuals, communities, and countries, as we work a diverse set of legislators and scholars from local district leaders to United States Senators. And since 2017, our research had immense translational effects which include numerous bills in policy that were introduced by our institute, while including our data-backed developmental projects for underserved communities that are valued over $150 million USD.

With a mission so audacious as promoting human-rights, healthcare development, systemic education revitalization, and the upbringing of underserved communities, we recognize the intersectionality of social-economics, legislative action, and expansional projects around the world. Our institution believes that through scholarship, we are most capable in tackling the most prominent issues. The 21th century also has reinforced the vital importance of the work we do, as we are met with social and public health circumstances that cannot be undermined. Now more than ever, reliable data is needed to best guide decision-making in all fronts of social and economic issues.

So in the midst of these extraordinary times, we remain as committed as ever to our long-term strategy, which starts with a vision to grow as the largest non-partisan and not-for-profit institution for empirical data-backed policy change. As our core values emphasize that all humans have the ability to make a positive difference, it is incumbent upon us to look forward and bring together communities through empirical data.